1. Paper Technology Training

  • Fundamentals of Paper Manufacturing
  • Bespoke Paper Technology Trainings

2. Trainings in English language

Qualification of employees during the construction of new plants and reconstructions

  • Analysis of the qualification requirements
  • Qualification plan
  • Implementation and management of qualification projects
  • Controlling and permanent adaption

Realisation of company-specific training courses

  • Analysis of the qualification requirements
  • Collecting technical data on-site
  • Preparation of a company-specific training plan, including the training documentation
  • Realisation of training courses
  • Result checking


  1. Supporting companies
  2. New buildings / reconstructions
  3. Qualification projects / company-specific training
  • Sachsen Papier Eilenburg
  • Zellstofffabrik Rosenthal
  • Papierfabrik Perlen (Swiss)
  • MD Lang Ettringen
  • Tecnokarton Mayen
  • Leipa Schwedt
  • Hermes Düsseldorf
  • MD Papier Dachau
  • Mayak Pensa (Russia)
  • Papierfabrik Weig (Paraguay)
  • Mondi Stambolijski (Bulgaria)
  • Solikamskbumprom (Russia)
  • Omega Wernshausen
  • Rhein Papier Hürth
  • Holmen Paper Madrid (Spain)
  • Papierfabrik Utzenstorf (Suisse)
  • Kanzan Düren
  • Packages Lahore (Pakistan)
  • MD Papier Plattling
  • UPM Shotton Paper (UK)
  • DS Smith (UK)
  • Palm Paper King’s Lynn (UK)

3. Dual Apprenticeship “Paper Technologist”

  •  ICC-Certificate
    The apprenticeship will be carried out in accordance with the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Karlsruhe (CCI Karlsruhe), which is a state-approved qualification in Germany.
  • Target group
    School leavers recruited as apprentices at the paper mill.
  • Apprenticeship, Training Programme
    During the three-year training programme, practical (paper mill specific) and theoretical skills (e.g. general paper technology) will be conveyed to the apprentices.
  • Theoretical training at the Paper Centre in Gernsbach
    The theoretical training will be delivered at the Paper Centre in Gernsbach from Monday until Friday. The apprentices need to be at the Paper Centre for following periods of time:

1. Year: 7 weeks in Gernsbach (The span of 7 weeks should be split up in several blocks.)
2. Year: 8 weeks + 1 week CAPS, Computer Simulation, in Gernsbach
3. Year: 8 weeks in Gernsbach

At the end of the second and third year the apprentices have to pass a final exam.

Your contact person at the Paper Centre

Thomas Müller
Tel.: +49 (0)7224 6401-133
Fax: +49 (0)7224 6401-144

Axel Volke
Tel.: +49 (0)7224 6401-500
Fax: +49 (0)7224 6401-114